Resources for Evidence-Based Programs

COVID-19 has support and guidance for individuals, businesses, health departments, and community settings.

CDC support HERE

The National Falls Prevention Resource Center shares best practices, tools, educational webinars, and ways you can stay connected with others providing evidence-based programs across the US.

Check out the Resource Center here

Evidence-based programs and remote delivery – response to COVID -19

NCOA Regular Updates Remote Programs Reaching a Remote Audience NCOA Grand Rounds Call – Online Delivery

Here is a great site by the Evidence-Based Leadership Collaborative that keeps updated on the national trends and responses by evidence-based programs/national organizations to COVID-19 times.

Evidence-Based Leadership Collaborative

Check out the Toolkit on Evidence-Based Programming for Seniors!

Self-Management Classes

CDSME Tool Kit

CDSME Resource Center


Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention Tool Kit

Tai Chi for Health Institute – Resource Tai Ji Quan – Moving for Better Balance