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Falls Prevention for Iowa

Falls are a significant concern for Iowans, especially with Iowa’s aging population. For all age groups, falls are the second leading cause of injury deaths in Iowa, and the leading cause of injury hospitalizations and emergency visits in Iowa. Falls are the leading cause of injury, death, and hospitalization among Iowans over the age of 65. 

At least one older adult dies every day from a fall in Iowa and 22 others are hospitalized as a result of a fall.  Additionally, three seniors will visit an emergency department every hour in Iowa related to a fall.  There are countless other seniors who fall in their homes or communities and never seek care, though they may need it.  Falls contribute to many older Iowans losing their ability to live independently as they age. The causes of falling vary with contributing factors including: reduced strength in lower extremities, use of four or more medications, poor vision, chronic health problems and unsafe home conditions.

Iowa Public Health Tracking Portal for Falls Data – Check HERE

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Family and friends can help you reduce your fall risk.

Do you know how to get up after a fall at home?

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Winterize to Prevent Falls

Since 2014, nearly 3,400 Iowa older adults and adults with disabilities have participated in Falls Prevention programs.  This translates to over $1.6 Million saved through falls prevention programs for older Iowans! To learn more about the impact evidence-based falls prevention programs have made in Iowa, please download the following fact sheet:

Check out this video to learn more about Falls Prevention Programs. Click HERE.

Evidence-Based Falls Prevention Community Programs available in Iowa:

  1. A Matter of Balance Video
  2. Stepping On Video
  3. Tai Chi Video
  4. CAPABLE program Article

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Best way to reduce falls is to detect risk early!
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Iowa Falls Prevention Symposium 2022 September 20-21st

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The following are presentations from the Virtual Iowa Falls Prevention Symposium 2020:

Proclamation – Falls Prevention Awareness Week 2021

Proclamation – Falls Prevention Awareness Week 2020

Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition

The mission of the Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition is to facilitate collaboration between state, community and health care system partners to reduce falls by building awareness, providing education, and supporting implementation of fall prevention efforts.  

The vision: All Iowans will have fewer falls and fall-related injuries, maximizing their independence and quality of life. 

The Coalition is made up of 60+ Iowa agencies and community-based organizations working together to support the expansion and sustainability of fall prevention programs and services across the state that educate Iowans about the risk of falls, address their fear of falling, and teach exercises to improve their balance and increase their activity levels.

If you are interested in joining the Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition, please contact us HERE.

“Proper medicine disposal is an important falls prevention strategy”, Anthony Pudlo, Vice President of Professional Affairs at the Iowa Pharmacy Association.

Click HERE to link to the Office of Drug Control Policy’s website and locate a prescription drug take back site near you!

Click HERE to learn more about medication management.

Safe Use of Medicines for Older Adults

Proper medication management can reduce your risk for a fall. Print this medication record form to track your medications and have your medications reviewed by a doctor or pharmacist. Use it to record the names of your medications, purpose for taking them, dosage and timing instructions, and medication side effects.

Medication Record Form