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CHPcommunity is a 501.c3 nonprofit organization working to support 1) community-based organizations implementing evidence-based programs (EBPs) that fight chronic disease and promote health and 2) community health initiatives that meet a person’s basic needs to stay healthy.

The Community HUB

Evidence-based programs are powerfully effective at preventing and managing chronic disease, but implementing and sustaining them is challenging.  The Community HUB makes that much easier for organizations. The HUB is being designed to provide organizations a centralized, coordinated system for program management by enhancing organizational capacity for referral management, data collection and reporting, billing, training and quality assurance. It will help provide a unified and consistent approach to program delivery across our state and significantly reduce the burden of chronic disease.

Community Health Initiatives

We are working with multiple partners statewide including healthcare, academia, public health, municipalities, schools, etc., to provide communities with as much opportunity as possible to live healthier lives. We plant community gardens, assist in food rescue, support school nutrition programs, improve built environments that promote accessibility and being physically active, increase awareness of substance misuse and abuse, and connect more people to needed mental health services and programs.

How can you help?

Your funds will go directly to supporting the work of the Community HUB and/or our “boots on the ground” community initiatives to address the basic health needs of our communities.

“The Walk with Ease program helped me restart my walking program after hip surgery. Probably the biggest benefit was that being active helped to relieve stress and improve my mood and I just feel better. ​I also recommend urban pole walking. My back tends to hurt when walking, but using the poles makes that much better.”​  ~ Marilyn Jones, WWE participant.

I believe the National Pork Board was the largest donor of our fresh produce. Their corporate giving garden was a great benefit to the populations we serve. ~ Lisa Earles, Executive Director, Clive Community Services