Community Initiatives

The Clive Community Health + Wellness Initiative

In 2017, leaders in Clive came together to create a community-wide effort to increase the health and well-being of Clive residents. This effort is called the Clive Community Health + Wellness Initiative and it is a multi-sector approach that focuses community resources on improving health outcomes for residents in Clive. This includes collaboration with a broad array of stakeholders through dedicated task forces helping Clive residents Eat Well, Move More, and Feel Better, and actively engages the community to achieve long-term, sustainable outcomes and relationships.

The Benefits of the Initiative Reach All of Us!

  • Residents benefit from having access to programming, resources, and supports to help their families thrive. 
  • Employers benefit from having a healthier and more productive workforce. 
  • Local businesses benefit from promotion of their goods/services and increased patronage. 
  • The entire community benefits from having opportunities for social interaction.
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Eat Well Task Force

Est. April 2017 – Members include:

•City of Clive •Clive Community Foundation •Clive Community Services •Community Health Partners •Dallas County Health Dept. •Eat Greater Des Moines •Every Step – Iowa Department of Public Health •National Pork Board •Polk County Health Department •Waukee Schools •West Des Moines Schools •ISU Extension

Action Plan

Objective 1: Increase access to fruits and vegetables and other healthy food options.

  • Annually compile and share data with the task force and community stakeholders on current food security/poverty in Dallas and Polk counties and progress made by Eat Well Task Force
  • Establish community/school gardens and plans for distributing produce
  • Partner with community resources to support local events/programs/farmers’ markets that make fresh produce available to the community
  • Support local businesses and community organizations to increase the portion of food and drink options that meet healthy guidelines for vending, concessions, meetings, or mobile food trucks
  • Make food rescue and delivery as seamless as possible for Food Donors and Receiving Agencies
  • Explore best practices regarding food action councils and need for establishing one in Clive

Objective 2: Provide evidence-based programming and opportunities for nutrition education

  • Partner with worksites, childcare, healthcare and public health to support implementation of 5210 Initiative
  • Secure funding and support local schools in implementing the following programs:
    • Switch Program
    • Farm to School
    • Pick a Better Snack

4 Gardens Planned for 2020

  • Shuler Elementary – will plant raised beds in the fall as part of the Farm to School program
  • Dallas County Health Department and IDPH planted 6 raised beds at Crestview School of Inquiry for their Pick a Better Snack Program in the fall
  • National Pork Board planted their corporate giving garden in May and will be donating produce again this year to Clive Community Services
  • McClure Engineering will be planting a garden that offers fresh food and opportunity for social interaction for employees and their families

Supporting local programs to make fresh produce available to the community

  • Partnering with Clive Library to provide a sharing table at the library for community members to share their garden excess with other families in Clive
  • West Des Moines and Waukee schools both are busy this summer providing summer Grab and Go Meals for families to ensure food security
Man with a box full of groceries

Food Rescue

  • We can all support Clive Community Services (CCS) pantry by holding a food/personal care drive to help keep supplies up
  • Help us spread the word that CCS is available to serve anyone in need during this pandemic
    • No income restrictions
    • No proof of income
    • No residency requirements
Donate to Clive Community Services
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Do you ever wish you could ask a professional about nutrition more easily and avoid those Google searches? 

We’re excited to have our Eat Well Task Force Coordinator Adria Huseth, available to answer your questions and share resources with you in our Nutrition with Adria Facebook group. Adria is a licensed, registered dietitian and passionate about helping others in their journey to healthier living.

Move More Task Force

Est. September 2017 – Members include:

•City of Clive Parks and Recreation •Clive Community Foundation •Community Health Partners •Dallas County Health Dept. •Des Moines Parks and Recreation •Healthiest State Initiative •Iowa Department of Public Health •Opportunity On Deck •Polk County Health Department •Unity Point Health •Walnut Ridge Senior Living •Walnut Creek YMCA •Waukee Schools •Waukee YMCA •West Des Moines Schools

Action Plan

Objective 1: Facilitate policy and/or community-level changes to support physical activity.

  • Enhance access to places for physical activity such as the Greenbelt trail and park enhancements
  • Create a master plan for bike rentals to encourage active commutes
  • Assess the need for and implement Safe Routes to School/Parks initiatives

Objective 2: Offer and support community programs that promote physical activity and social connectedness.

  • Support the Battle of the Burbs event as our Signature Event
  • Promote ways for Clive residents to increase their physical activity through walking initiatives that serve all demographics and abilities
    • Walk With Ease Program
    • Urban Pole Walking
    • Move More with the Mayor and Manager Walks
  • Partner with worksites, childcare, healthcare and public health to support implementation of 5210 Initiative

Support for the Battle of the Burbs

  • Participation increased by over 300 from 2018 to 2019, with Clive winning the trophy for most participation
  • $18,000 in proceeds were raised for the Clive Community Foundation

Enhance Access to Places for Physical Activity

  • Working with the City of Clive to identify gaps in infrastructure and installing benches to improve walkability and accessibility of the trail system
  • An AARP guide suggests seating (e.g. benches) is vital for older adults, simultaneously encouraging park users to use parks more often and stay longer
  • Partnering with Street Collective and the City of Clive to bring an E-Bike Rental program to the community in 2021, connecting the suburb to downtown Des Moines

Feel Better Task Force

Est. July 2019 – Members include:

•Above + Beyond Cancer •Alzheimer’s Association •American Heart Association •American Lung Association •City of Clive •Clive Community Foundation •Clive Community Services •Community Health Partners •Dallas County Health Dept. •EMBARC •Employee Family Resources •Iowa Behavioral Health Assn. •Iowa Mental Health Planning Council •Iowa Department of Public Health •MercyOne •NAMI •Polk County Health Department •UCS Healthcare •United Way of Central Iowa

Action Plan

Objective 1: Perform qualitative external research that engages with and learns from Clive residents and employees to provide data that will enhance, change, or create new Feel Better strategies for the community. 

  • Host focus groups, community conversations, and/or survey the 5 Clive neighborhoods to learn about the barriers they currently face in “feeling better” and ideas for what resources/supports would assist them most
  • Develop a list of current initiatives, workgroups, and programs available in Central Iowa to support mental health and well-being and align Clive Community Health Initiative Strategies where appropriate

Objective 2: Create a socially connected, safe and engaged community.

  • Increase community awareness of mental illness and how to respond
  • Provide trainings/health education for businesses, organizations, and residents of Clive to better understand and manage mental illness, chronic disease, and other health initiatives
  • Enhance relations between law enforcement and the community
  • Enhance support and education to caregivers

Objective 3: Make prevention, treatment and management of tobacco use/substance abuse a priority in Clive.

  • Promote events/social media to increase awareness for substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery tools and services
  • Assist local businesses to create tobacco/nicotine free policies and provide cessation resources
  • Develop more peer to peer support services to extend the reach of treatment beyond the clinical setting into the everyday environment for those seeking a successful, sustained recovery

Objective 4: Cultivate healthier worksites.

  • Establish a community-wide well-being collaboration with employers to provide opportunities for businesses to access worksite wellness programming
    • Education seminars/workshops
    • Mental Health First Aid
    • Employee volunteerism
    • Health Screenings

Objective 5: Strengthen school well-being.

  • Establish or enhance anti-bullying initiatives
  • Promote a student assistance program

Objective 6: Partner with community organizations to support implementation of statewide health initiatives.

  • Increase participation in 5210 Healthy Choices Count and Make it OK campaign efforts among Organizations that serve Clive Residents
  • Work with advocacy organizations to enhance our support of and resources for diverse populations and refugees in our community
  • Work with advocacy organizations to enhance our support of and resources for our disability populations in our community

Help address the opioid crisis by safely disposing of unneeded prescription medications.

  • Pour cat litter or old coffee grounds in an airtight container. Add your unused medications and seal.
  • Visit a take-back location
  • Use a drug deactivation disposal kit
This summer we worked with the Iowa Department on Aging to get drug deactivation disposal kits out to seniors through their home meal deliveries.
Through the collaborative work of Milestones AAA, NEI3A, Heritage AAA, and Aging Resources of Central Iowa, we provided 5,800 drug deactivation disposal kits to seniors across Iowa.

Check out this article on the Radio Iowa Link

Mental Health and Parks

  • Mental Health and Parks – Clive
  • Did you know that 1 in 5 people suffer from mental illness?
  • Research suggests a daily dose of the outdoors reduces stress, clinical anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • The City of Clive has 17 parks, over 11 miles of paved trails, and 305 acres of park land
  • Join us and visit a Park near you!
Our friends at the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors came for a visit.


Our friends at the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors volunteered their time to come and visit us to learn more about the successes of our Community Initiatives. We couldn’t do it without our partners volunteering their time on our Task Forces making a difference in our community.

The benefits of volunteering can be enormous, not only for the community, but for you and your organization!

Click here to learn more about our partners and join us!