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Who is CHPcommunity?

Obesity is one of the biggest drivers of preventable chronic diseases and healthcare costs in the United States. ​The repercussions of obesity constitute an important source of morbidity, impaired quality of life and has a major bearing on life expectancy. ​Iowa has the fourth highest adult obesity rate in the nation, and the 10th highest obesity rate for youth ages 10 to 17. 

CHPcommunity is a nonprofit organization created as a result of local and statewide partners coming together to connect individuals to needed health and social services. With an emphasis on nutrition, physical activity and mental health, we are fighting the obesity epidemic. CHPcommunity utilizes a community engagement process that respects the right of all community members to be informed, consulted, involved and empowered to join this fight.

Why CHPcommunity?

CHPcommunity provides the expertise in delivering evidence-based programs, experience leading community health improvement strategies, and a  proven track-record of collaborating with clinical care and community stakeholders. CHPcommunity has built community task forces around Fall Prevention, “Eat Well” (nutrition), “Move More” (physical activity) and “Feel Better” (mental health) focus areas made up of over 50+ organizations across multiple industries and sectors and a community engagement model that reaches into the neighborhoods.

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What Do We Do?

CHPcommunity builds upon the strength of our community partners to expand and sustain evidence-based programs in Iowa and delivers actionable health initiatives within communities.

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