Our mission is “to address obesity, inactivity, poor nutrition and mental health in our communities by making healthy behaviors and healthy lifestyles shared community values.”

Community Health Initiatives

CHPcommunity is a nonprofit organization made up of Caring Health Partners that work within communities to help strengthen efforts that promote healthier people, environments and systems. We are committed to bringing resources and people together to improve health, prevent disease and reduce health disparities where you live!


Evidence-based programs effectively improve disease prevention behaviors and health outcomes. The CHP HUB is committed to supporting community partners across the state expand and sustain evidence-based health promotion programs, ultimately helping Iowans live healthier lives.

Initiatives Clive Health + Wellness Initiative

List of Programs and Events Across Iowa

As we grow, more and more evidence-based programs and events from across the state will be added to this list.

Featured Partner

Abigail Chihak, Community Health Administrator & Deputy Public Information Officer at the Dallas County Health Department is a Task Force Member of our Clive Community Health + Wellness Initiative serving on our Eat Well and Feel Better Task Forces.


Impact On Our Community

The Dallas County Health Department aims to protect and promote health for all residents in Dallas County, Iowa. “On our ‘blue sky days’, our department serves Dallas County residents through our Health Navigation, environmental health, immunization, nutrition, emergency preparedness, communicable disease, and community health programs. During public health emergencies, such as COVID-19, our department is the lead responding agency working closely with Dallas County Emergency Management. Staff conduct disease investigations & contact tracing, coordinate resource requests, release factual, credible information to the public, and gather & direct county partners from across all sectors for a cohesive, collaborative response.”



I really love being able to provide support for passionate community leaders aiming to make Clive a healthy place for all”. abigail.chihak@dallascountyiowa.gov Abigail Chihak


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You can fax referrals to 515-635-1286. We utilize a HIPAA compliant patient communications system used by many healthcare clinics.